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Dimensions Academy Middle School Program

Dimensions Academy (DA) Middle School consists of a cohort of approximately 28 students at each grade level.

DA students spend roughly 65 percent of their school day together with other DA students, traveling to four classes together as a group:
  • language arts
  • social studies
  • science
  • seminar (6th & 7th grade) 

For the remaining 35 percent of the day, DA students are integrated among their grade-level team for exploratory classes such as art, tech ed., music, band, and family and consumer science (FACS).

Dimensions Academy students are part of the greater school first. Then they are part of their team, and finally, they are DA students. The goal is for DA students and the program to be as integrated into the middle school structure and culture as possible.  

Deadline for DA Middle School online applications: November 1, 2019

Online application

Transition to the DA Middle School Program

Parents of DA 5th graders will receive information from thier 5th-grade teachers regarding this when new information becomes available.

Dimensions Academy Middle School teachers

Dimensions Academy middle school teachers are highly qualified to teach gifted students. They receive ongoing training and support from the Bloomington Gifted and Talented Department. Many attend additional training, workshops, and conferences, such as the National Association of Gifted Children conference. 

Dimensions Academy Curriculum

The Dimensions Academy program infuses concept-based units from the College of William and Mary throughout its program in grades 4-8 so that the models of depth and complexity become automatic ways of thinking and processing for DA students. The models may be the same, but the content may be significantly different from year to year. Academic competitions and opportunities for conducting original research and development are added throughout the middle school years to strengthen research and design skills. 

Dimensions Academy Seminar

Since gifted students don't need a traditional reading class, we created our own organic course for DA students in 6th and 7th grade called Seminar.

  • Seminar 6 is a humanities-based course, involving higher-level thinking and in-depth discussions. The theme,  "Great Minds," includes the study of Alfred Nobel and many Nobel Laureates, as well as mythology and philosophy.
  • Seminar 7's theme "Great Acts," includes the study of great acts of courage and philanthropy. The focus is on creative and critical thinking and giving the world something it didn't know it needed.

Dimensions Academy Language Arts 

DA language arts classes primarily use the William and Mary curriculum.

  • 6th graders study William & Mary's Persuasion, learn debate skills and study novels reflecting a variety of cultures and experiences.
  • 7th graders study William & Mary's Utopia and read novels about utopian and dystopian societies.
  • 8th graders study  William & Mary's The 1940s, A Decade of Change, which includes a study of The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw, The Diary of Anne Frank, and more.

Dimensions Academy Social Studies

DA social studies uses a combination of curricular units from the College of William & Mary and national academic competitions to address the needs of our gifted students. 

  • 6th graders study William & Mary's The Civil War and The Road to the White House. They will also pick topics, research themes, and develop a final product to enter in the National History Day competition. 
  • 7th graders study William & Mary's The 1920s in America: A Decade of Tensions and The 1930s in America: Facing Depression.  Students will dig even deeper into a topic to create a product which will again compete in the National History Day.
  • 8th graders study William & Mary's Primary Sources and Post-Colonialism specific to India.  Students become geographers throughout the year while studying and creating maps. They will research a topic, use maps to tell a story and, ultimately, enter a "storymap" in the ArcGIS state competition.

Dimensions Academy Science 

DA science uses William and Mary, BPS curriculum, and college-level community resources. 

  • 6th grade Physical Science students study plasma, a NASA-inspired career unit involving a hovercraft, W & M's Nuclear Energy: Friend or Foe, and various other STEM units. 
  • 7th grade Life Science students conduct authentic research at the Richardson Nature Center, engage in the dynamic nature of scientific research and also use cancer biology as a lens to see the interconnectedness of science to other disciplines.
  • 8th grade Earth Science students work in collaboration with U of MN students and their professor to design experiments that will be carried in a payload by a high altitude balloon. The year culminates in a balloon launch, retrieval, and data exploration. This atmospheric study creates an opportunity for discussing and debating the real-life nature of competing  scientific theories. 

Middle School Math

There are several middle school math paths. Some DA students thrive in the two-year-advanced course, and some require the one-year-advanced course. To accommodate the needs of every learner, all students are assessed when they enter 6th grade and are placed exactly where they need to be in math.  See the math page for a more detailed overview. 

Honors Program

The middle school Honors Program is separate from DA Middle School. Students are placed into Honors courses based on testing history. No application is needed.  Below are the honors courses offered:
  • Honors Reading (6th grade) - Olson, Oak Grove, and Valley View
  • Honors Language Arts (7th and 8th grade) - Olson, Oak Grove, and Valley View
  • Honors Science (6th, 7th & 8th grade) - Only at Valley View
Honors Overview
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