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Activities & Athletics


The purpose of the Activities and Athletics Program is to support the mission, vision, and values expressed in the Strategic Plan for the Bloomington School District.

Vision Statement

Our activities and athletic programs are led by strong, caring professionals who demonstrate high expectations for the success of all students. Our coaches take personal responsibility for individuals and their program's continuous improvement.

We value...

  • seeing the big picture.
  • encouraging the highest moral standards in competition and life.
  • communicating effectively with staff, students, parents, and the media.
  • offering academic support.
  • developing students into leaders.
  • creating a positive learning environment.

The above values are based on the Coaches Code of Ethics

First-class Facilities

Bloomington Kennedy and Jefferson High School each have a 70,000 square foot Activity Center for athletes. The Activity Centers include

  • five full hardwood basketball courts
  • two baseball/softball/golf cages
  • 5,400 square foot weight room
  • indoor running track
Other facilities include

  • 4500-seat soccer/football stadium
  • two hockey arenas

Activities Fees

Admission prices for school activities are $7 for adults and $5 for students. Activities fees are suggested by the Metro West Conference and adopted by all schools in the conference. Fees are also approved by the School Board.


Jon Anderson
Kennedy High School Activities Director

Chad Nyberg
Jefferson High School Activities Director

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