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Office of Educational Equity


The Office of Educational Equity enhances interracial and multi-cultural educational opportunities to promote student achievement and provide training for the staff and parents to increase interactions and understanding among members of different races and cultures within all facets of the Bloomington Public Schools community.   


Commitment to Equity

Bloomington Public School is an equitable district in all its parts; we believe that all students deserve optimal treatment, opportunities and education. We also believe that all our students and their families have dignity, worth, culture and traditions, and are equally, while differently, gifted and talented. Our academic and participation outcomes, not intentions, will be the measure of whether we are successful.

Equity is ensuring that opportunities, resources, services, etc. are distributed to students based on individual needs. Students must be supported in ways that maximize individual potential.

Commitment to Diversity

Diversity is one of our core values and is essential to our goal of putting children first and helping them on their path to college or career readiness. Bloomington Public Schools is comprised of a unique blend of people, who come from different heritages and experiences, with a wide range of cultures, perspectives and talents.  We integrate diversity into all aspects of our mission and culture in order to provide the best quality education to our students and foster lasting relationships with families and the community. Diversity of our workforce provides us with a competitive advantage and allows us to better understand, communicate with and educate our diverse student body.

Commitment to Inclusion

The commitment to inclusion is essential to creating and maintaining a diverse environment at Bloomington Public Schools. An inclusive environment leverages diversity and creates an environment where students, families, community members and employees feel welcomed, valued, supported, listened to, and able to do their personal best. The practice of inclusion supports Bloomington Public Schools' core values and is essential to our goal of putting students first. Inclusion increases student engagement, retention and performance by acknowledging that students may learn differently from one another.

We believe that...

  • each person has inherent value.
  • all people have the right to be treated with respect and dignity.
  • all staff, students and families have the right to be treated equitably and fairly.
  • individuals are responsible for their actions.
  • a safe environment is essential to the well-being of the entire community.
  • a welcoming environment promotes citizenship for all.
  • high expectations promote higher achievement.
  • diversity enriches a community.
  • families are the most important influence on the education of their children.
  • honesty and integrity are important.
  • each family has the right to receive/request important educational information about their student(s) in their native language.

City Council - School Board Joint Statement on Immigration


Office of Educational Equity
Educational Services Center
1350 West 106th Street
Bloomington, MN 55431-4126

Fax: 952-681-6411
Language Assistance Line: 952-681-6412

Program Secretary:
Alejandra Gutierrez
Phone: 952-681-6420

Director, Office of Educational Equity
Dinna Wade-Ardley
Fax: 952-681-6411 
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