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Programs & Support Services

We are diversity and we embrace it

The Office of Educational Equity strives to be both active and proactive regarding issues and ideas impacting students and families, and student development and success within the Bloomington Public Schools. Our office provides many support services for students, parents, and staff to enhance educational opportunities and help bridge cultural understandings. The following offerings are geared toward those focuses.


The Office of Educational Equity sponsors and facilitates a variety of programs that reach out to students and families in an effort to promote cultural appreciation, understanding and celebration of differences among all of us.                            

For Students

We offer students a wide variety of opportunities to participate in expanding their cultural appreciation and understanding. We celebrate diversity by sponsoring the following programs and groups:

  • Asian Student Equity Team: Jefferson High School
  • African American Student Equity: Jefferson and Kennedy high schools
  • Empowering Parents with African-American Students (EPAS): District-wide
  • Latino Student Equity Team: Jefferson and Kennedy high schools
  • Young Leadership: District-wide
  • Youth Leadership: District-wide
  • Student Equity Team: Oak Grove Middle School and Indian Mounds Elementary School
  • Soccer & Homework: Oak Grove and Valley View middle schools
  • Somali Student Equity Team (Pro-Culture for Culture): Kennedy High School

For Parents/Guardians & Families

We also share our enthusiasm and appreciation for diversity with the community, particularly the parents/guardians and families of students within Bloomington Public Schools, through a variety of programs that enhance family involvement and celebrate diversity.

We sponsor the following parent involvement programs and provide the following information for parents/guardians and district families:

  • Cultural Liaison Assistance
  • Latino Parent Association
  • Somali Parent Network
  • Special Education referral information
  • Student Registration Assistance
  • Early Childhood Screening
  • For American Indian Education Programs and Assistance please contact Hiedi Hecker or Lisa Benjamin.

Nov. 2013 School Board candidates & Latino Parent Association (LPA)

  Latino Parent Association

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Language Assistance Line
Phone: 952-681-6412                             
The language assistance line is a voicemail service checked on a regular basis by Spanish, Somali and Vietnamese speakers. Parents can call this line to leave a message that needs to be translated for a particular school building. Staff can call this line and press the language they need and leave a message. A Spanish, Somali or Vietnamese speaker will call them back for translation assistance.

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