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Gifted & Talented

Congratulations to the winner of the national ArcGIS online student competition!

Olson Middle School 8th grader Abby Ziehl and her teacher, Laurie Bohn, were flown to San Diego in July, where GIS (Geographic Information Systems) users from around the world gathered for a conference. Read the full story.

Program and Services Goals

1. Identify students who demonstrate exceptional abilities and require services beyond the regular classroom through appropriate methods. A major component of the identification method is seeking out students from underrepresented populations (such as children of color and children from low socioeconomic backgrounds).

2. Develop programs and services (K-12) that are continuous at all school sites appropriate for the academic, creative, artistic, leadership abilities, social, and emotional needs of identified gifted/talented/creative students. Programs and services will include:

  • Differentiated curriculum and instructional strategies in all grade levels for gifted/talented/creative students
  • Trained school personnel who develop and use appropriate strategies for instruction with gifted/talented/creative students
  • Parental awareness of the varied needs of gifted/talented/creative children
  • Community involvement in the planning, development and implementation of programs for gifted/talented/creative students
  • Evaluation the efficiency and effectiveness of programs for the gifted/talented/creative students and recommendations for program improvement

Program and Services

Every school site has developed services to respond to the varied needs, talents and interests of their students. The programs and services consist of:

LEVEL 1: Differentiation of Curriculum
Focus is on expanding, extending and enhancing learning opportunities for all students. Options are implemented within the school's curriculum and instruction and are made possible by the classroom teacher. 

LEVEL 2: Enrichment and Extension 
Student selected or teacher directed activities which enrich or expand beyond the regular classroom curriculum. The gifted and talented coordinators collaborate with schools to develop plans for implementing greater choices at this level.

LEVEL 3: Individualized Services
Focus on offering programs and services to those students with unique needs not met by level 1 or 2. Such services include:

  • Elements, a specialized program for advanced gifted 2nd and 3rd grade students
  • Dimensions Academy, a specialized program for highly and profoundly gifted students in grades 4-8
  • Nobelan honors humanities program at Valley View Middle School 
  • Honors classes at the middle school level in math (grades 6-8), language arts (grades 7-8), reading (grade 6), and science (Valley View Middle School)
  • Dimensions Academy High School, a specialized STEM program housed at Normandale Community College and/or a compacted and accelerated Humanites program at JHS/KHS for students in grades 9 - 10 
  • Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) classes at the high school level

Accelerate - The Gifted & Talented Department Newsletter

Are you interested in what's happening in Bloomington's gifted classrooms? Continue checking back here to see the latest edition of Accelerate.


Erin Boltik Photo
Erin Boltik, Ed. S. 
Director of Gifted Programs and Services
fax: 952-681-6497

Rick Halley
Rick Halley
Coordinator of Gifted Programs and Services
Primary contact for elementary school
fax: 952-681-6601

Sean Hildebrandt
Coordinator of Gifted Programs and Services
Primary contact for middle school


Meredith Aby-Keirstad
Coordinator of Gifted Programs and Services
Primary contact for high school

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