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DA Math Program

Math Placement

Current Bloomington Public Schools students will be placed into the appropriate math class based on the prior year’s math program completion and testing history. 

Students new to the Bloomington Public Schools will be assessed by program personnel for appropriate placement within the DA program’s math sequence.

Math Sequence


Grades 4 and 5 incorporate extensive enrichment and extensions to the Everyday Math series. Students are often pre-tested on their knowledge of each unit. For those students who show mastery of components of the content, a menu of enrichments and extensions are offered.

Middle School

The middle school math program has been updated within the last few years. There are no longer Dimensions Academy math courses at the middle school, as not all DA students have equally strong skills in math. Some DA students thrive in the two-year-advanced course, and some require the one-year-advanced course. Additionally, non-DA students are sometimes stronger in math than DA students and are able to handle the two-year-advanced class.

To accomodate the needs of every learner, all students are assessed when they enter 6th grade and are placed exactly where they need to be in math.  

6th grade math pathways:
  • Regular Math 6
  • Math 7 - 1 year advance
  • Algebra 8 - 2 years advanced
7th grade math pathways:
  • Regular Math 7
  • Algebra 8 - 1 year advanced
  • Intermediate Algebra 9 - 2 years advanced with high school credit
8th grade math pathways:
  • Regular Algebra 8
  • Intermediate Algebra 8 - 1 year advanced
  • Honors Geometry - 2 years advanced with high school credit 
Sixth graders who have not taken Dimensions Academy courses before and who qualify for the top math class will be jumping over two years of math. Thus, we provide access to specific Khan Academy math modules over the summer so that those students can expose themselves to the concepts and skills they may need in order to fill in any possible gaps. 
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