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The Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) strives to help Minnesotans lead longer, healthier lives by preventing the chronic disease risk factors of tobacco use and exposure, poor nutrition and physical inactivity. SHIP seeks to create sustainable, systemic changes in schools, worksites, communities and health care organizations that make it easier for Minnesotans to incorporate healthy behaviors into their daily lives. For more information about SHIP, visit the City of Bloomington's SHIP website or the Minnesota Department of Health's SHIP web site.

BPS Planned Interventions

  • Identify and convene Wellness Councils in 2-4 pilot schools comprised of students, staff, parents, and community members;
  • Assist the Wellness Councils in completing a comprehensive health assessment of their school and develop an action plan to adopt and implement policies/practices that increase physical activity and healthy eating;
  • Help Wellness Councils and pilot schools implement their action plans;
  • Plan walk and bike to school activities that support the Safe Routes to School plans; and
  • Review nutritional quality of ala carte foods to determine next steps.


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