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Student Meal Accounts

Meal Account Numbers

Each student is assigned a meal account PIN (Personal Identification Number) which can be found in the Hub and is entered on a key pad at meal times. Please help your child memorize his/her number before the first day of school; it can be practiced on a calculator.

Students keep their meal account PIN number until they graduate or leave the district.  

Meal Account Refunds

For students not returning to school, please contact the Food Services office at 952-681-6570 or email for a refund.

Student Spending

Visit PayPAMS for a student purchasing report, meal account balance, online payments and payment history.  This is a quick and secure way for parents/guardians to manage their children's food service meal account. Parents must register with PayPAMS to access these features. Please allow one full school day after registering before meal account balance and history is available.  Online payments can be made right away.

Meal Charge and Debt Procedure

  • Students who are approved for the federally funded free or reduced-price meal program are not denied meals at any time.
  • Students will not be denied a lunch once their meal account reaches a negative balance. However, meals will continue to be charged to the student's account.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring meal accounts are current for ALL students. Collection and meal balances owed will follow distict policy on student fees, fines and charges, and may ultimately be referred to a collection agency.
  • Meal accounts must be kept current and/or replenished when balances are low or in a negative status. When funds are put into a meal account, it will first cover any outstanding balances.
  • Automated voicemail messages will be sent to parents/ guardians when accounts reach a negative balance and calls will continue until payment is received.
    • A building principal or other designee may contact the parent/guardian to review the meal balance and discuss payment options.
  • We encourage parents/guardians to sign up for PayPAMS - the district's online parent account management system for school meals. PayPAMS allows parents to make quick and secure online payments, track lunch account balances, view student food purchases, and set up low balance email reminders. To register, please visit
  • Meal Charge and Debt Collection Procedure
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