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Transportation Forms

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Reimbursement Contract Form   

Non-Public Reimbursement contract 2019-2020
Bloomington Public Schools offers a contractual arrangement with parents/guardians who provide transportation for their child(ren) attending an eligible non-public school and desire reimbursement for that transportation. The completed contract is due in the Transportation office by November 29, 2019.  

Pay-to-ride contract 2019-2020
Bloomington Public Schools may be able to provide busing to students who are not eligible for free transportation to and from school. Pay-to-Ride is a fee-based service that allows children to use an established bus stop for a ride to school. This service may be useful for resident Bloomington students who live in the walk area for their school or outside of the assigned busing area when open enrolled at a Bloomington public school.

Please note that we do not add new bus stops, nor do we extend transportation outside of Bloomington's border. This service is only available is there is room on the bus and assigned at our discretion. Students will be able to use the bus stop once payment is submitted to the Transportation Office.

Beginning with the 2019-20 school year students will not be able to request pay-to-ride stops that are used to transport students who are being bused outside of their assigned attendance area for specific or special programs -- e.g. Dimensions Academy, Special Education, Temporary Displacement, etc..

Transportation for Students with Medical Life Threatening Conditions
Please complete this form if your student has a life threatening condition such as asthma, diabetes, peanut allergy, latex allergy, etc. that their Bus Driver(s) needs to be aware of in case of emergency. It needs to be updated yearly.

Transportation of Students with a Medical Condition or Temporary Handicap
Please complete this form if your student has a temporary handicap or medical condition that request special transportation for a limited amount of time. This could include broken legs, surgery, seasonal asthma, etc. This form requires a doctor's signature.

Bus Stop Change Request Form
All changes affect each student at the current stop, so change requests can be denied based on a lack of neighborhood agreement as there can be no more than one stop assigned per block. The following district policies will be taken into consideration -- please do not submit a request if it does not meet all of these criteria:

  • Students are expected to walk up to one-half (1/2) mile to a bus stop
  • Bus stops must be located at corners or areas that provide the best view of traffic
  • Students residing in cul-de-sacs or on dead end streets are expectedto walk to the nearest intersection to access a bus stop.
If you have questions or need more information please contact us at or 952-681-6300.
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