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Food Service Volunteering

Bloomington Public Schools Food Service serves more than 7,000 lunches per day. We could not effectively do this without our valuable volunteer servers, who have been helping us serve lunch every school day for over 25 years. We have been recognized both regionally and nationally for our volunteer program. 

Volunteers arrive at lunchtime and help serve student lunches, as well as enjoying a free school lunch themselves. We welcome the help of mothers, fathers, guardians, retired persons and grandparents. It's also a rewarding opportunity for people who don't have children in the schools to see Bloomington's education at work.
Food Service volunteer coordinators help schedule volunteer lunch servers for each school.  To arrange a convenient time -- weekly, monthly or as a substitute volunteer -- call the coordinator for the school you prefer.
Jefferson High School
Karla: 952-806-7604

Kennedy High School
Laura: 952-681-5004

Oak Grove Middle School
Diane: 952-681-6604

Olson Middle/Elementary School
Julie: 952-806-8604

Valley View Middle School
Wendy: 952-681-5804

Hillcrest Community School
Julie: 952-681-5304

Indian Mounds Elementary School
Teresa: 952-681-6004

Normandale Hills Elementary School
Shana: 952-806-7004

Oak Grove Elementary School
Lorie: 952-681-6804

Poplar Bridge Elementary School
Joan: 952-681-5404

Ridgeview Elementary School 
Carol: 952-806-7104

Valley View Elementary School
Talicha: 952-681-5704

Washburn Elementary School
Terri: 952-681-5504

Westwood Elementary School
Lisa: 952-806-7204
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