Grady Garman

  • Preferred Method of Communication: Email:
  • Online Tools: Google Classroom
  • Where do I find materials if I'm absent: Google Classroom Under Week (example Week) or "What Did I Miss Folder in Classroom"
  • Retake Policy: Students are allowed to retake all classroom assessments and rework assignments.


This is my 10th year working at Kennedy High School.  Currently I am a IEP case manager and special education teacher in the SAILS Program (Social, Academic, Independent, Living Skills).  Students in the SAILS Program recieve educational services due to needs that result from Autism Spectrum Disorder.  I currently teach classes in Social Skills and Math. 

My educational philosopy is:

  • healthy relationships are the foundation of qualify teaching.
  • success is individual 
  • students do well if they can  
  • all behavior is communication

My job as a teacher is to provide support instrucitonal opportunities in a vareity of social, transition, academic areas in which students develop individual skills and strategies that will provide for individual life long success.  Instructional strategies and activities are modified as needed to meet students current social/emotional needs, functional needs and academic achievement level.

In my free time I enjoy: spending time with my family and friends, the outdoors (hiking, canoing, biking), music, movies, reading, painting, DIY projects

ASD Teacher
Kennedy High School
(952) 681-5132
Class Name Periods Calendar Site
TA2024 5 TA Special Ed 01 (Main)
TA2024 10 TA Special Ed 02 (Main)
SP2162A 1 Sails Math 2 A 03 (Main) Yes Yes
TA2024 3 TA Special Ed 03 (Main)
SP2161A 1 Sails Math 1 A 04 (Main) Yes Yes
TA2024 2 TA Special Ed 04 (Main)
SP2152A 1 Sails Social Skills 2 A 05 (Main) Yes Yes
TA2024 9 TA Special Ed 05 (Main)
SP2151A 1 Sails Social Skills 1 A 06 (Main) Yes Yes
TA2024 6 TA Special Ed 06 (Main)
AA2000 10 Activity Course ACTV (Main)