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Gregory Gilbert

  • Preferred Method of Communication: Email
  • Online Tools: Canvas
  • Where do I find materials if I'm absent: Canvas
  • Retake Policy: love it, do POP (Proof of Practice / remediation) then redo.

I love exploring our planet and experiencing all the wonders it has to offer. For over 20 years, Bloomington has been a great place to live and raise our family of five.

In the Learning Center, we learn how to make continued progress in all classes while learning mindfulness in an effort to help everyone inside and outside of class.   In Astronomy, we learn how our universe forms, what is in it, and what the future may hold.  In Earth Science, we learn why our Earth is so dynamic and how it has formed, "lives" and is part of the universe.

Let's learn and grow during the school year. Visit my class Canvas page and hompage for more info and links, or email me at: 

Kennedy High School
(952) 681-6356


Class Name Periods Calendar Site
ET2001B 1 Learning Center B 01 (Main) Yes
ET2001B 2 Learning Center B 02 (Main) Yes
ET2001B 3 Learning Center B 03 (Main) Yes
ET2001B 4 Learning Center B 05 (Main) Yes
ET2001B 5 Learning Center B 06 (Main) Yes