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Student School Board Representatives

In 2016, the Board Student Advisory Council Committee (BSACC)—Ric Oliva (Chair), Tom Bennett, Dick Bergsrom—developed a plan to include student representatives on the School Board. The plan was presented and approved by the full School Board on
August 22, 2016. Student representatives have been a part of the School Board since the inaugural meeting October 24, 2016.
Allie Andersen (Jefferson) and Ethan Skophammer (Kennedy) were the first student school board representatives.  In 2017-2018,
Ethan Skophammer (Kennedy) continued and Jackson Domagala (Jefferson) served his first year. In 2018-2019, Jackson Domagala continued (Jefferson) and Ally Starks served her first year. In 2019-2020, Ally Starks continued (Kennedy) and Shonte Brown (Jefferson) served her first year.

Pictured below with the School Board, Superintendent and District Legal Counsel are the 2019-2020 student representatives to the School Board-- Ally Starks (Kennedy) and Shonte Brown (Jefferson).

Front row L-R: Beth Beebe, Ally Starks, Shonte Brown, Jim Sorum Back row L-R: Legal Counsel David Holman, Nelly Korman, Maureen Bartolotta, Dick Bergstrom, Tom Bennett, Dawn Steigauf, Superintendent Les Fujitake

Front row L-R: Beth Beebe, Ally Starks, Shonte Brown, Jim Sorum
Back row L-R: Legal Counsel David Holman, Nelly Korman, Maureen Bartolotta, Dick Bergstrom, Tom Bennett, Dawn Steigauf, Superintendent Les Fujitake

Student representatives attend meetings that are held on the fourth Monday of each month. They give reports about school activities and participate in discussion of board agenda items. They are non-voting members of the School Board. 
As student representatives to the School Board, one of their responsibilities is to co-lead meetings of the high school representatives of the Board Student Advisory Council.
Along with mentoring from their respective high school principals, each student representative has a School Board BSACC member as a mentor—Nelly Korman for Shonte Brown and Tom Bennett for Ally Starks (Beth Beebe also is a BSACC member).
Welcome 2019-2020 School Board student representatives!

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