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Online Learning

The vision of online education in the Bloomington Public Schools is a teacher-generated online learning curriculum with the same high standards that exist in our current face-to-face classes. In some other platforms outside our district, students may finish their school credits online, but the standards that are in place may not be clear and may not align with those we have worked hard to create in Bloomington. We present an alternative.


We strive to offer the flexibility of time, place, and/or pacing in the online experience without losing the personal aspect of the teacher-student relationship and rigor of the learning experience. Students will be able to flex their time by doing their work when it is most convenient to them, beyond the constraints of a traditional daily schedule and the limits of the school building itself.

In spite of this flexible pace and place, we believe the human component of learning is essential. We work to keep the connection between teacher and student alive and the community component of education in the forefront. With online learning through Bloomington Public Schools, licensed BPS teachers are available for support.

Why Online?

We intend to create a program where students will be able to take classes of interest they may not have had the room in their schedule to take before, as well as offer opportunities for advanced learning. For example, a student may want to explore a new French class, take advanced Algebra, and still participate in the school band. While this may not have been possible with traditional scheduling conflicts, with online learning students can fit overlapping classes into their learning experience.

There are several unforeseen scenarios that can interfere with a student’s progress in school. Illness or family travel can disrupt schooling, or students may need to recover lost credits. In a traditional school setting, all of these are a barrier to completion; with online learning, a student will be able to keep up with classes in a timely manner and finish school with their classmates.

Online learning in Bloomington Public Schools is a high-standards, quality program monitored by our licensed teachers committed to providing further growth opportunities for students in our district. While online learning may not be the best choice for all students, we believe that online education is a viable option for many students and can teach important skills of time management and advocacy, and prepare them to be lifelong online learners.

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