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Innovation Research Zone

Bloomington Public Schools is one of four Minnesota school districts approved as an Innovation Research Zone district by the Minnesota Department of Education.

The approval allows BPS to put into practice innovations to address persistent challenges and improve outcomes for all students as we reduce or eliminate disparities in outcomes for low-income students, English learners and students eligible for special education services.

Components and projects encompassed in the Innovation Zone work include the following:The innovation work will focus on the following:
  • Creating an integrated “E-5” educational system that unites Early Learning Services with the district’s traditional K-5 academics.
  • Identifying “beat the odds” teachers and instructional strategies, and use this information to personalize learning more effectively for English learners.
  • Creating alternative pathways to graduation that provide more flexibility for students to earn credits and meet state testing and graduation requirements.
In addition to addressing disparities and improving outcomes for English learners, the innovations will help us prepare students to...
  • enter kindergarten fully prepared;
  • read fluently by third grade; and
  • graduate from high school prepared for college and career.

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