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Search Institute Collaboration Grant

Bloomington Public Schools is one of 15 school districts in the country to be funded for an Institute of Education Sciences (IES) collaboration grant. Partnering with the Search Institute(link) BPS will explore the impact of positive student-teacher relationships and everyday student-teacher interactions on student motivation and perseverance leading to improving student academic outcomes.

The research study builds on an ongoing collaboration with the Search Institute focused on understanding and improving social and emotional factors in student development. This study is investigating how students and teachers in a middle school and high school experience their relationships and how these relationships contribute to student motivation and achievement. A particular focus is on how findings differ for students from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Key activities include:
  • Student surveys linked to school academic and disciplinary records
  • Surveys of teachers about their relational practices
  • Focus groups with students
  • Interviews with teachers identified by students as being particularly effective in building relationships
The study will take place over the 2017-18 and 2018-19 school years. The goal is to increase student achievement while simultaneously attempting to reduce inequities in academic and nonacademic indicators of success. BPS will use the findings from the study to develop new low-cost tools and strategies for instructional improvement.
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