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School Closings

Bloomington Public Schools’ severe weather procedures aim to minimize the loss of instructional time while being mindful of student and employee safety.

In general, the district will remain open, even in severe weather. We know when snow or extreme cold conditions warrant closing of schools it is an inconvenience to parents, so we do our best to declare them only when necessary, when they pose a safety risk to students and staff.

An Informed Decision

Decisions to close schools are determined only after the district Severe Weather Team has consulted various authorities, including meteorologists with Hennepin County Emergency Management and the National Weather Service, law enforcement and transportation agencies and neighboring school districts.
After reviewing all information available, the superintendent makes a decision no later than 5:30 a.m. Notification to parents and staff is made ONLY if schools are closed.


School closures are communicated via phone and email through the district’s parent notification system, and posted to the district and school websites and Facebook and Twitter. Broadcast media - TV and radio - are also notified.

Student Absences

Student absences are excused at the discretion of the superintendent during extreme weather conditions only, and must be called in by a parent or legal guardian.

Late Starts

Due to the complexity of student transportation, the district does not currently offer two-hour late starts. Every attempt will be made to avoid closing schools once classes are in session.

After-school and Evening Activities

Principals may decide to cancel after-school and/or evening activities on the basis of current or predicted weather conditions. These cancellations are communicated through the district and school websites and/or email. A decision to cancel an after-school program or activity must be made 30 minutes prior to dismissal.

Social Media

Please note that official communication is distributed via the district Facebook and Twitter accounts, which can always be accessed from the icons on the district website. Parents and students are cautioned to be aware of hoaxes, imitations or impersonations.

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