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BEACON Alternative Learning Program

BEACON is an education alternative that provides a variety of ways for students to earn credits toward a high school diploma. The program is designed to increase student learning by offering a smaller classroom setting and a wide variety of academic support. BEACON values high academic standards within each curricula area, which meet both Bloomington and Minnesota State Standards.

Attendance Line: 952-681-5056
Attendance Email:

Program Options

School within a School program at Kennedy High School

  • Full-time/shared program for grades 11 and 12
  • Optional shared grade 10 program (2 hours at BEACON/4 hours at Kennedy). Students must enroll through the Kennedy High School counseling office: 952-681-5027.

  • See BEACON side index for daily schedules and class offerings.

Hybrid Program at Jefferson High School

  • Open to students grades 11 and 12 for credit recovery during the school day. Class offerings are limited. 

  • Student must enroll through their Jefferson counselor.

  • See BEACON side index for daily schedules and class offerings.

After School Credit Recovery

  • Students to attend credit make-up classes following a full day at Kennedy or Jefferson high school.

  • Open to 16-year-old Bloomington students

  • Offered trimesters 2 and 3 after school (2 days per week)

  • See BEACON side index for daily schedules and class offerings.

Summer School

See BEACON side index for calendar/daily schedules and class offerings.


Michelle Christenson
Program Coordinator

Char Jax
Program Secretary

Carrie Cooley

Jeff Dunlap
Social Studies/Science/Work Experience

Emily Liberko
Kate Plager

Sue Soderstrom
Check/Connect Para 

Contact Char Jax for more information about after-school/summer school teachers. 

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