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Student Expectations


100 percent attendance is expected to be successful at BEACON. Attendance of 80 percent or below will jeopardize student success and enrollment in BEACON.

Calling in sick

Please call the BEACON office at 952-681-5056 to report illnesses or absences of any kind.

Research indicates that class attendance is closely related to positive performance in class. The state estimates that the average Minnesota student misses 7 days per school year. Therefore, students missing more than 7 days can be considered truant and in violation of Minnesota state law on compulsory education. Attendance contracts will be created for students who do not follow attendance policy.

Behavior Requirements

The following behaviors are unacceptable within BEACON, Kennedy school building, school grounds, and any area in which a school classroom or other activity is occurring. Students engaging in these behaviors will be given consequences, including dismissal, suspension, police involvement, and/or program termination.

Alcohol or Other Drugs: Possession, use or intent to distribute or sell

Being under the influence of alcohol or other drugs or found in possession of alcohol or other drugs on your person or your belongings (i.e., purse, backpack), or selling or distributing alcohol or other drugs.

Gang Representation or Activity

Demonstrating an affiliation with a specific gang through words, writings, gestures, and clothing.


Participating in or conspiring with others to engage in harassing acts that threaten, embarrass, or degrade others. Types of harassment can include: racial, sexual, religious, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental disabilities, or national origin.

Student Attire/Grooming

Clothing and accessories deemed disruptive to the learning environment are not allowed, including the following:
  • Shirts with sleeves must be worn. Both shoulders must have coverage—no tube, tank, strapless, or halter tops, including dresses. No muscle shirts, spaghetti straps, or tops that go over only one shoulder, including dresses.
  • Shirts must be full length - No bare midriffs, no exposed torsos, and no exposed navels.
  • Shorts and skirts must be at mid-thigh length.
  • Clothing must cover undergarments: underwear, bra straps, boxer shorts and under shorts.
  • No clothing with inappropriate phrases, slogans or artwork that is vulgar, sexually suggestive, profane or promotes violence, or encourages disrespect, indecency or hate.
  • No drug, tobacco, alcohol, gang-related or sexual references.
  • No lined jackets or coats worn during the school day. This includes letter jackets, trench coats or winter coats.
  • No sunglasses.
  • No headwear including hats or bandanas.
  • Offensive items include graphics that contain or promote the use of tobacco, alcohol, chemical substances or gang related messages, images, or activities.
Students whose clothing is deemed inappropriate will be asked to change into clothing that is acceptable. If no suitable clothing is available, students will be removed from the classroom setting for the remainder of the day.


Refusal to follow a reasonable request by a member of the BEACON or Kennedy staff. Reasonable requests include 1) request for name 2) directive to accompany a school official to the office 3) directive to cease an activity.

Physical Assault

Fighting – punching, hitting, kicking. Intentionally inflicting bodily harm upon another.


Viewing or printing pornography from the computer or in possession of sexually explicit materials.


Taking objects or possessions that rightfully belong to another person or the school district.


Possessing, using or distributing tobacco in district buildings, on district grounds, in district vehicles or at district events, in violation of Minnesota Statute 609.685.

Threats of Violence

Threatening to harm another person in words or actions.


Being found on school property after having been told by a school or district official or Police Officer that you are not allowed on school property.


A willful and malicious destruction of, or damage to, public or private property, real or personal.

Verbal Assault

Verbal exchanges including swearing and/or yelling directed at another person.


Weapons are defined as any firearm whether loaded or unloaded; replicas of firearms or B-B guns; any chemical substance, device or instrument designed as a weapon, or through its use is capable of threatening or producing bodily harm or death; any explosive, gas bomb, grenade, rocket, mine, or similar device; any device or instrument that is used to threaten, strike terror, or cause bodily harm or death.

District Zero-Tolerance policy will be followed (expulsion for not less than one calendar year unless the Superintendent of Bloomington Public Schools recommends a modification).

In addition to these school-wide policies, teachers may have individual classroom rules that must be followed. Failure to follow classroom rules will be treated as insubordination.

Additional Information

Lunch Policy

  • Full time and Shared BEACON students attend lunchtime according to the BEACON schedule.
  • Students MAY NOT leave the building for lunch or leave the lunchroom early. If a student leaves the building for lunch, consequences will be given.
  • Food and beverages are not allowed out of the cafeteria. Food and/or beverages purchased outside of the building may not be carried into the building.

Security Doors

Students are to enter the school through the front doors upon their arrival to school in the morning. During the school day, any student leaving the building must also check out/sign out at the front door, unless supervised by a staff member. Entering through secured doors, propping open such doors or allowing unauthorized personnel to enter the school building, potentially endangering the safety of other students, is strictly prohibited. Consequences for such behavior may lead to suspension and/or recommendation for expulsion.

Work Experience Program

When enrolled in the Work Experience Program, students must follow school district policies. The work site is an extension of the school day and students are, therefore, required to follow school policies at work including school district chemical policies. If found in violation of these policies students will be suspended from work, and may be removed from the program. If suspended from school, students will be unable to work on the scheduled day of the suspension. It will be the student’s responsibility to make arrangements with the employer to miss work on the given day of suspension.
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