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Transition Services


To provide transition services to young adults with disabilities as they move from an educational setting toward living and working independently in the community.


Bloomington Transition Center (BTC) is a Special Education program offering students a vocational and independent living skills training program that works in collaboration with student, families and community agencies.

What Does BTC offer to Young Adults?

BTC offers comprehensive assessments and training geared toward facilitating the student’s transition from school to community. The curriculum emphasizes the following:

  • Jobs and Training
    • vocation assessment
    • job/career exploration
    • on-the-job training
    • competitive employment
    • job shadowing
  • Recreation and Leisure
    • plan and participate in events
    • develop fitness habits
  • Community Participation
    • use public transportation
    • access health care
    • volunteer opportunities
    • social skills
    • citizenship
    • self-advocacy
  • Home Living
    • household management and safety
    • budgeting and personal finances
    • apartment living
    • meal planning and preparation
  • Post-secondary Training
    • development of a post-secondary school plan which may include
      • community education
      • technical college
      • community college

BTC also offers support to facilitate independence in accessing the college system and interagency collaboration with adult service providers such as Hennepin County Social Services, Rehabilitation Services, mental health and medical providers, residential providers, etc.

Student Expectations

Students are expected to...

  • independently follow a daily schedule at school and in the community.
  • work cooperatively with their case managers to develop an individualized transition plan.
  • have a desire to gain vocational skills and work in the community.
  • develop skills for independent living.
  • actively participate and attend BTC.

How are students enrolled at BTC?

An Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) meeting is held at the high school with a BTC staff person in attendance. Students must be between 18-21 years of age to be considered. The IEP team, including the student and parents, reviews the student’s IEP to determine if BTC is the appropriate program to address the student’s unmet IEP transition goals.

Students can graduate from high school with their peers, but must consent to having their diplomas deferred by school personnel until they exit BTC. Completion of BTC services can occur at any point, as determined by the IEP, up until the school year that the student turns 21 and eligibility for the program ends.


Bloomington Transition Center
Community Education Campus
2575 W 88th St., Door #10
Bloomington, MN 55431
Phone: 952-681-6118
Fax: 952-681-6179

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